Important Notice re American Express / Discover Payments

If you currently use an American Express or Discover credit card, we will no longer be supporting this starting October 1, 2015 through our "Direct Credit Card" gateway. We do continue to accept all Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards through our direct credit card payment gateway, which supports automatic recurring billing. Any customers ... Читать далее »

22 Сен 2015
Billing System Upgrade + Change Passwords

We are currently performing upgrades on our Customer Central (billing) system, which may result in pages that appear to look incorrect, hard to read or out of place. We apologize for this inconvenience, but rest assured we are working on fixing the software to work with our website properly.We also highly encourage our customers to change their ... Читать далее »

23 Апр 2014
PHP 5.3.2 Upgrade on Churchill

As part of our commitment to high security standards and latest software, ExcellentHost has upgraded the Churchill (UK) server to the latest PHP stable version, 5.3.2. However, this upgrade may break some older scripts due to new features introduced since PHP 5.3. If you run into issues with your scripts, please check with your script developer's ... Читать далее »

18 Июн 2010
NEW! Direct Credit Card Payments Now Available

We are happy to now introduce our new secure internet merchant gateway, which allows us to offer direct acceptance of credit cards without relying on third-party services such as PayPal or 2Checkout. Thus, you can now add your credit card directly to your Client Profile to have your bills paid automatically - without the need to ever create a ... Читать далее »

15 Сен 2009
Reseller Plans Now Available! 2nd Anniversary Sale

Just in time for our 2nd Anniversary, we have launched our new Reseller (Multiple Account) Hosting Package line, available both at our UK and US server locations. For product features and to order, please go to To celebrate, we also have limited-time specials available at ... Читать далее »

11 Июл 2009
New Customer Central Portal

We have made major changes to our customer portal and order system, to improve ease-of-use and clarity.  For any feedback or suggestions, please contact us at

10 Июл 2009

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